What do we do?

Our smart, dedicated, and trustworthy group of attorneys are advocates for elderly clients and their families and loved ones. We help clients determine which legal matters may affect them and their family and how to prepare for them or avoid them. We have years of education and experience specific to the needs of older adults, financial and estate planning, and day-to-day care/living. We’re sure to handle these conversations sensitively, privately, and with our clients’ best interest in mind.


Whether you need to find out more about heathcare, long term healthcare, government assistance, retirement, or familial guardianship, we’ll help you get everything in place so you can concentrate on what makes you happy!

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It may seem early to begin planning for your own aging or for that of a loved one, but making a plan now before any signs of advanced aging may make the transition easier when it’s time to start considering it. Even just starting a draft or a conversation with an attorney may help you have a better idea of when and how to start planning.