One thing many people forget to plan for with retirement and aging, is developing hobbies to keep active, maintain a lively mind, and consume some of the time you used to spend working. For some people the elimination of work and set hours is a great moonlight, a respite from an unsatisfying life; and for some people, losing work includes losing a big social aspect of life and a major element of productivity.


It’s important to have an idea of how you want to spend your retirement time so that you don’t look forward to it forever only to reach it and find yourself bored!


I suggested trying lots of new things in your forties and fifties to see what’ll best suit you – music, art, language, etc. Whatever you enjoy doing could become the largest part of your day so make sure you try a bunch of different things!

Whether you end up spending your later years playing the piano or studying Mandarin – having goals, hobbies, and social elements will make retirement feel more like the break it always sounded like!