Living, Assisted

Every living thing on earth needs some assistance here and there. As we humans age, our need for assistance can sometimes increase. Anticipating this and making a plan for late-in-life assisted living can make the transition, when it’s time, so much easier.


Your first step will be to consider where you want to spend your later years. If it’s in the city where you already live, that’s great and comfortable. If it’s somewhere else, it’s a fun adventure to plan. For the sake of this guide, let’s assume you want to live where you already do when it’s time to get a little more aide.


Start researching your area and finding skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. A simple google search should help you start a list. This will help you begin to narrow down new considerations like location, level of aide, facilities and amenities, culture, and payment options.


Then you can consider actual payment.


Long term care costs can be very high, so it’s important to prepare as much and for as long as possible. You should contact, early, your state Medicaid office to find out what kind long term care services may be included and where it may be accepted.


Get in touch with us today to start planning. We usually advise establishing and implementing a savings plan in your mid-50’s and making any logistical plans later in your late 60’s or so. But it’s never too early to discuss and start saving!